Software Developer (Angular) Mid to Senior

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta FinTech start-up whose latest product launch was to over 8.5 million users.  Work in an Agile software development environment as software engineer helping this company scale and integrate its applications on both mobile and web platforms.  Looking for development talent that's seen software development through its entire life cycle, including design, functionality, testing and support.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the analysis and design of user stories
  • Participate in all team planning activities (Sizing Meetings, Retrospectives, etc)
  • Design, architect and develop solutions to meet the defines business needs
  • Build automation solutions to help the company scale
  • Contribute to the future direction of the platform with innovative ideas for features
  • Ensure all code can be safely built using our integrated build and deployment systems
  • Support the system in QA and Production environments, as needed
Skills and Qualifications

  • 3+ years experience
  • Angular-based web apps
  • Must be open to working with PHP
  • MySQL
  • A passion for learning new technologies
  • Experience working on a Kanban agile team
  • Deployments to cloud service providers
  • DevOps skills
  • Experience with Cucumber, Capybara, Selenium, NUnit
  • TeamCity, Jenkins or similar tools for continuous integration and deployment
  • Similar JavaScript Frameworks (React, Aurelia, Backbone, Ember, etc)
  • Similar Backend Technologies (Java, Postgres, Hibernate, JPA, etc)
  • Open Source Contributions (Github account)
  • NoSQL
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