What We Do
Contract resources are often needed to supplement a company’s current staff for a strategic project.  We act with urgency and save you time by presenting qualified, screened candidates quickly. We are flexible and understand that for some roles our clients may want to evaluate an employee’s performance prior to offering full-time employment.​​
​Attracting strong talent requires action and in today’s tight technology markets, strong recruiting skills are more important than ever! We create a customized search strategy targeting both active and passive candidates to bring you the strongest talent the market has to offer.
When your headcount needs peak and exceed the capacity of your current recruiting staff, having a trusted, experienced RPO, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, partner can make all the difference.  We work with your team on a full customized recruiting solution where we can handle a portion of your recruiting needs or come on-site and handle everything from recruitment to on-boarding of new employees.
Retained search represents a clear commitment and partnership from both sides and is truly the best way to handle roles with significant impact on company or team performance, as well as highly complex or confidential hiring needs.  We operate on an exclusive basis and employ a highly sophisticated search methodology centered on the client’s needs and culture.   Our approach is thorough, highly collaborative, and backed by a generous placement guarantee.